€ Turbulent Ride

Bloomberg created a series of tests for the euro’s 20th anniversary to see how they did. The results, outlined in illustrations below, show only a handful are clearly flourishing.

The euro has swung wildly since its debut on Jan. 1, 1999, three years before notes and coins went into circulation. It’s been especially turbulent this decade as bailouts of debt-laden members and a double-dip recession nearly tore the monetary union apart. By flooding the bloc with cash, Draghi managed to keep Europe’s currency dream alive. That didn’t reverse the damage to the euro’s reputation, though; its share of global reserves is down nearly 30 percent since a 2009 peak. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-euro-at-20/?utm_campaign=socialflow-organic&utm_medium=social&cmpid=socialflow-facebook-business&utm_source=facebook&utm_content=business

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